GTC and Data Protection

General Terms and Conditions

1. Field of Application

The present General Terms and Conditions (GTC) shall apply to the business relations between microsTECH AG (MTAG) as service provider and its customers as principal. Any provision deviating from them shall only be binding if agreed in writing and signed by the parties.

2. Conclusion of the Contract

The offer submitted to the customer (including these terms and conditions) is considered to be an application.

If the customer places an order with MTAG, the contract is concluded with MTAG's order confirmation. If the order confirmation does not correspond to what has been agreed upon, the customer undertakes to inform MTAG by e-mail within 48 hours as to which essential contractual conditions are incorrect or missing.

3. Type and scope of services

MTAG provides the following services in particular:

(i) Cosmetics and food supplements: MTAG develop, produces and fills cosmetics and food supplements.

(ii) Disinfectants: MTAG develops, produces and fills disinfectants.

(iii) Analysis: MTAG offers a wide range of microbiological and molecular biological analyses in the fields of cosmetics, household, care, environment, water, hygiene and veterinary medicine.

MTAG has the right to call in third parties for the services to be provided.

4. Obligation of the customer to cooperate

The customer undertakes to provide MTAG with all information and documents required for the provision of the service as well as any probem-terial in a timely and complete manner. With regard to the production of cosmetics, food supplements and disinfectants, the Customer undertakes to deliver all raw materials and all packaging material in full to MTAG's headquarters or an appropriately communicated location no later than 2 weeks before the start of production. In addition, the Customer undertakes to inform MTAG in advance and in writing of any substances in the sample material and/or raw materials which are harmful to health.Unless otherwise instructed in writing by the customer at the latest together with the confirmation of the offer, MTAG shall execute the order according to the provisions of Swiss law.

5. Delivery Times

Any dates or deadlines for the provision of services that may have been agreed in writing shall be subject to force majeure.

The periods shall commence as soon as the parties have agreed on all individual aspects of the order and the customer has provided MTAG with all documents and materials required for the provision of the service.

6. Delivery Quantity

The delivery quantity may vary by +/- 10-15% from the order quantity. The actual delivered quantity will be charged.

7. Terms of Delivery

MTAG delivers EXW (Ex Works) domicile of microsTECH AG in Olten according to Incoterms 2015, unless otherwise agreed upon in the offer and order confirmation and regardless of who organizes the transport (shipment incl. insurance).

8. Report of Analysis

Except for verbal consultations, MTAG will inform the customer of the results of the order in writing (by mail, fax or e-mail). Unless otherwise agreed, the report will be in German. Any translations will be invoiced separately.

9. Payment

The services are remunerated either according to time and effort, in the case of standard analyses according to flat rates per case or, in the case of ordered products, according to the number of units. The hourly rates, lump sums and/or unit prices agreed with the customer are applied. If a fixed price is agreed upon, it shall be based on the principles known at the time of conclusion of the contract and under the condition that the conditions agreed upon at that time are fulfilled. If these bases and conditions change, MTAG shall be entitled to demand an adjustment of the fixed price.

Unless otherwise agreed, all additional costs (especially delivery and travel expenses) shall be borne by the customer. Travel time is considered as working time and will be invoiced as expenses.

The prices are exclusive of any taxes and duties.

In case of cancellation of the order by the customer, MTAG reserves the right to charge the customer for the total cost of the order.

Invoices are payable without deductions within 10 (ten) days. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment shall be made in CHF (Swiss Francs) to the account to be taken from the respective invoice. For larger orders, MTAG reserves the right to demand an advance payment of at least 50%. And for orders for which the raw materials can only be obtained in large quantities, MTAG reserves the right to invoice the customer and to store the raw materials at MTAG on behalf of the customer.

10. Rights to Results and Know-how

Results which MTAG develops for the customer (analysis report or products) belong to the customer. The Customer shall be entitled to the commercial right of use thereof, subject to clause 12 hereafter.

Know-how used by MTAG within the scope of the contractual performance belongs to MTAG, subject to contract research specifically conducted for the customer and product- specific development activities for which the customer pays. However, MTAG is entitled to use the know-how within the scope of its research and development activities and within the limits of clause 13 hereafter. If the know-how developed by MTAG is a patentable invention, the parties shall agree in a separate agreement on the modalities of the patent application, the coverage of the resulting costs and the compensation in the event of commercial exploitation of the patent. Know-how which was already available at MTAG or which it has acquired without the customer's intervention remains its property.

MTAG is entitled to publish work results in agreement with the customer.

11. Storage of Reports and Sample Material

MTAG will keep all customer correspondence including the results report for 10 (ten) years. Unless otherwise agreed with the customer in writing, MTAG will retain at least three (3) retained samples of each batch of products produced free of charge during the shelf life of the respective product and destroy them free of charge; MTAG will retain laboratory samples generally for 6 (six) months and perishable laboratory samples for 14 (fourteen) days after reporting free of charge and destroy them free of charge thereafter.

12. Advertising

The use of MTAG's results report and other written documents (including mere reference to them) for advertising or other purposes requires the prior written consent (including any conditions and requirements) of MTAG and is subject to a fee.

MTAG may use the customer as reference.

13. Secrecy / Obligation to Report

Subject to the following paragraph and clause 10, MTAG undertakes to keep all business correspondence with the customer secret and not to disclose it to third parties. Any companies affiliated with MTAG as well as third parties commissioned by MTAG to provide the service shall not be considered third parties. The customer undertakes to keep the conditions of the order (in particular the remuneration) secret.

If the investigation shows for the customer that important public interests are endangered or legal regulations are violated, MTAG shall be entitled to report this to the responsible authority.

14. Warranty

MTAG undertakes to provide all services "state of the art" and in accordance with the applicable certification and accreditation standards. In the case of testing, measurement and analytical services, the test results always relate only to the samples provided by the customer and examined by MTAG. MTAG does not warrant that the test results also apply to other deliveries of the same material, substance, etc. Any further warranty is excluded, unless otherwise assured in writing. Other warranties or representations, both express and implied, in particular those of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and that use of the services will not infringe any patent, copyright or trademark rights, are expressly excluded. The warranty period for delivered products is 1 (one) year, provided that the stated shelf life is not shorter or longer. For laboratory samples, the period is generally 6 (six) months, for perishable laboratory samples 14 days after reporting.

15. Complaints

The customer shall notify MTAG in writing of obvious defects within three (3) working days after receipt of the delivery or the report; the customer shall also notify MTAG of hidden defects within three (3) working days, however, from the time of becoming aware of them and at the latest within the warranty periods pursuant to Section 14 above. If a repetition of the analysis is necessary due to the customer's complaint, MTAG reserves the right to charge the customer for these costs, provided the result of the new analysis does not deviate significantly from the first analysis. In all other respects the warranty shall be governed by the statutory provisions.

16. Liability

Subject to the following limitations and to the extent permitted by law, MTAG is only liable for intent or gross negligence. MTAG's liability for all acts or omissions shall not exceed the remuneration for the services related to the liability claim, or shall be limited, at MTAG's discretion, to the replacement / re-performance of the services or an appropriate reduction of the remuneration. MT shall not be liable for consequential and punitive damages, loss of use, loss of profit, loss of business or goodwill, whether based on contract, tort or any other legal ground.

17. Precedence of the German Version

In the event of contradictions or inconsistencies between the two language versions (German/English) of the GTC, the German version shall take precedence.

18. Applicable Law - Place of Jurisdiction

Swiss law is exclusively applicable to this contract. The exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be the court having jurisdiction at the domicile of microsTECH AG. MTAG shall be free to file suit against the customer at the customer's domicile or residence.

Version 1. September 2020


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